TEN Réseau services

Transport organisation

  • International road groupage
  • International road groupage
  • Batches, ½ batches, from pallet to full truck
  • Courier and express
  • Same-day delivery, emergency management
  • Transport of dangerous goods
  • Transport of oversized loads and special goods


  • “E-commerce” logistics solutions
  • Stock management, order preparation, packaging


  • Air freight groupage and/or charters
  • Air freight groupage and/or charters
  • Sea freight, full or less than container load.
  • International trade operations management: customs, incoterms, insurance.
  • Membership, through our partners, of FIATA, IATA.
  • Global network partner

E-commerce solutions

A comprehensive service suited to the needs of on-line shopping and distance-selling companies:

  • Advice: assistance on the logistics and transport side of internet site (logistics flowchart, choice of service providers)
  • Coordination of operations
  • Transport of supplies
  • Administrative management (customs, insurance)
  • Logistics (storage, order preparation, returns management)
  • Delivery (whatever the constraints)
  • Information management (integration, EDI, on-line tracking)


  • Project steering of Logistics Information Systems
  • Project steering of Logistics Information Systems
  • European logistics network strategy (transport mapping)
  • Advice on operations and implementation with customised studies