Membership, Join TEN Réseau

Membership conditions

Entrepreneurs with experience in freight forwarding seeking to manage their own profit centre who fulfil the following requirements :

  • be of good repute with a clean criminal record ;
  • possess a certificate of professional competence for transport managers ;
  • be free from any obligations regarding any former employers ; not be restricted by a non-compete clause which may prevent you from practising this activity; be solely responsible for your business services.
  • Voluntarily join the TEN Réseau project.

Affiliate membership procedure

  • Fill in the application form.
  • Visit and presentation of a pilot site.
  • Sign the pre-contractual information document.
  • Draw up a three-year provisional budget (under the responsibility of the Partner candidate).
  • Draw up a three-year cash flow budget.
  • Sign the area reservation contract.
  • Provision of financing agreements by the Partner candidate.
  • Adherence to the business project and the network’s code of ethics.
  • Sign the affiliation contract.
  • Start-up support for Partner candidate.
  • Begin operations.